Krona Koblenz provides solutions for sliding and hinged doors. Its head office is located in Coriano, Rimini. Its structure perfectly reflects the spirit of the Krona Koblenz Group: 1500 mq of avant-garde technology and pure design are embedded in the suggestive inland landscapes of Rimini. But the real business capital of this Company is represented by its Human Resources: a mix between the professional skills and the qualified experience of its long-term collaborators, together of course with the enthusiastic participation of the many young people working there.


Reliability, quality and design are in this case more than ever synonymous  to the well known Made in Italy product and are actually the most important characteristics upon which the Marketing Department together with the Research & Development Department have based the history and the expansion mission of KRONA KOBLENZ SPA. In order to provide a long-term operation efficiency, it is indeed of great importance being able to carry on the maximum flexibility according to the evolution of the target markets, and for this reason the Company offers a very large choice of articles and innovative solutions for sliding and hinged doors, presented in the two different product categories:


KRONA KOBLENZ           

The KOBLENZ product category offers a catalogue with several innovative sliding solutions and a large number of invisible and adjustable hinges for hinged doors. Articles covered by technical and design patents that go along with the KRONA category of products, destined both to sliding doors such as pocket door frames for brick and plasterboard walls,  and to hinged doors, more oriented to the contemporary design standards.


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