Pocket door frames suppliers

We are pocket door frames suppliers. We have available several models of pocket door frames, each one able to be adapted to any type of architectural solution in addition to responding to an aesthetic and style of your home.

Since 1990, Krona produces pocket door frames for plaster, drywall, minimalist design doors to a real product customization based on the country in which it is marketed.

Originality, renewal and attention to new trends are always for Krona an asset for the manufacture of pocket door frames. In addition, the design of pocket door frames is performed by a team supported by advanced machines. Everything is prepared by Krona to ensure the functionality and reliability of the pocket door frames.

Krona uses some systems that can be adapted to any type of solution. Krona is careful to prepare a standard ABS patented system that guarantees a door closing and opening silently, balancing the pressure and friction safely.

Klose is another patented universal system, which can be installed in minutes on all pocket door frames and allows you to gently close the sliding door without electric mechanisms or counterweights. Finally, Galaxy  is the sliding system for glass doors.

Each solution of pocket door frames selected will suit your needs and required measures.

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