Interior Glass Sliding Doors

The interior glass sliding doors are preferred by those who want to opt for sliding doors that combine beauty and high quality.
The Krona company has dedicated years to the production of high level doors and pocket doors, suitable for any residential or commercial interior and also perfect for exterior use. The interior glass sliding doors are real treasures of innovation, design and functionality. They are provided with pocket door frames designed to meet every need; Krona offers compact pocket doors with inner or external structure.

Sliding systems are at the forefront with the ability to avoid any accidental spillage of the door from the track, furthermore the sliding bearings are particularly easy to handle and make the doors very light and quiet. Krona offers a wide choice of interior glass sliding doors, with single or double door, that’s attractive and modern. The interior glass sliding doors are customizable in every detail, from the choice of the sliding system up to color and decorations.
Krona is committed to being in constant technological evolution to offer increasingly innovative doors and to meet the new requirements; the interior glass sliding are a perfect example of this dedication to improvement.

The pocket doors are designed to be built on any type of wall, proving to be always functional and safe. Interior glass sliding doors can adapt to any ambience.

How to resist a transparency so charming? Give your rooms a unique and special touch of a real piece of design.

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