External Sliding Doors

Krona external sliding doors can make your rooms free from hindrances.
Are you renovating home or your office and you want to set an external sliding door? Why don’t you have a look at Krona pocket door which suits for external sliding doors?

Krona offers different kinds of pocket door, according to all your needs and whishes. First of all, the main model is called Krona, which is used for plaster. It is the only example of pocket door with ABS patent. Who knows, how many times you closed your sliding door and it slammed loudly, didn’t you? It happened, of course, because your sliding door had not an ABS, which could help you to close the door more softly.
So Krona pocket door are the right purchase as they ensure your security at home or at work.
Another type of pocket door is Ego, which fits to plaster and plasterboard. Without jambs or frames, the effect of this sliding door system is charming. Everything will appear elegant and practical. Do you like to create a particular atmosphere at home? Do you like solutions which differ from traditional systems? Ego is the answer to your desires!
Other products are: Ego Galaxy used for glasses, Kit Futura and Kompatto for plasterboards.
Furthermore, all these pocket door can be seen as pieces of furniture because of their refined design, their functionality and their aesthetic appearance.
The company suggests solutions for all needs and for all kind of architectures. It’s up to you the choose!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at Krona’s catalogue on line an choose the best solution for your external sliding door!