Double-action pivot door systems

Double-action pivot door systems are extremely important for the right movement of sliding doors. Krona provides these systems to make easier your door opening. Because of the light but strong materials the double-action pivot door systems guarantee you both agility and long duration. We offer you many solutions to meet your needs, in order to adapt to your design. You can choose between systems for plasterboard walls or for brick walls, depending on your application. Our double-action pivot door systems can be applied to glass doors and to sliding doors without trims too, the only limit is your creativity.

Thanks to the ability to remove each encumbrance these systems are perfect for little locations or for open-spaces. They give you the opportunity to divide an ambience if necessary, but never being an obstacle for the room design. Double-action pivot systems integrate perfectly into the ambience, joining its architecture and even becoming a core part of your design. There are many types of double-action pivot door systems, but krona’s one are fitted for the use of a series patented ABS which ensure a gentle and calculated closure. Since 1990 Krona makes doors a design accessory for your house. Whatever is your need, we will offer you the best solution to enhance your style.

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