The aim of KRONA KOBLENZ is to grant the absolute quality in technology and in materials, in order to obtain a perfect functionality and reliability of its articles. That’s the reason why most of them are certified and protected by International patents.


Thanks to this new test rig, all of the KRONA KOBLENZ hinges are tested for a durability test according to the regulations CUAP 04.05/12 (EN 1935) based on recommended load weights. This test is an obligatory step to get the CE product certification.


In 2012 Koblenz hinges mod. K7080 and K7120 obtain the CE certification: this is indeed a very important result, that can be considered as a guarantee of the product’s quality and reliability, and that has been reached indeed after many very strict tests.

With the aim to obtain the CE certification our hinge models K 7080 and K 7120 of the KUBI 7 product range (invisible hinge adjustable on 7 fulcrums) had undergone specific mechanical tests that had been passed brilliantly which lead to the certification according the European Norm EN 1935: 2002 and CUAP 04.05/12. IFT Rosenheim is a well known European testing, surveillance and certification laboratory with international accreditation and had to carry out the tests. IFT is part of important bodies and grants implementation of the norms, of the technical premises as well as their control.
Tests included in the above mentioned norm refer basically to the mechanical influence on the hinges as follows:
1) Static load and Overload tests:
a) Static load and overload test: a hinge is put to the test and charged with the double weight as the weight of the capacity indicated (e.g. 160 kg for K 7080) and moved for a short time period for an operating time of 20 cycles at an opening angle of 93° for 2 minutes
b) Static overload test: A hinge is put to the test as described above and charged with the triple weight (e.g 240Kg for K7080) and moved as above described.
2) Durability test: The test door with two hinges is charged with the maximal capacity foreseen and moved for 200.000 cycles.
3) Corrosion resistance test:
Made by means of salt spray test.

Among the many advantages of the KUBICA hinge series today another important result was achieved: they passed the fire-proof tests. By passing the fire-proof test hinges K 6700 and K 6300 adapt perfectly to the European Norm UNI EN 1634-2, which regulates the fire-proof test for doors and closing systems in general and in particular for fire-proof accessories and closing devices. So hinges K 6200, K 6300 and K 6700 become idoneous for closing devices in schools or kindergartens, communities, condominium or every kind of public building where fire-proof doors are legally obligated. The tests were carried out and certified by LAPI WARRINGTON FIRE, one of the biggest laboratories specialized in fire-proof tests and relative consultancy, research and organization of the certifications. From the test you can see 3 datas having an exact meaning:
– Integrity: attitude to obstacle the passage or the arising of fire or smoke on the opposite side of the place where the fire was set on.
– Insulation: attitude to reduce warmth transmission
– Resistance to loading: capacity to resist to stress to which a door leaf is exposed to.



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